About Nanak Ghosh

Nanak Ghosh(CEO)

Nanak Ghosh is a Civil Engineer and started his career as a Project Manager with Sterling Holiday Resorts. His experience, insights, and passion on interior design inspired him to start his own venture to bring out to people the best solutions for interior decoration, design concepts and theme to suit their way of living.

In 1998 he started executing interior decoration projects for residences and eventually moved on to execute the projects for retail, showrooms, offices and so on. After 10-years of hard efforts, he floated Nanak Ghosh Intiatives that houses Nanak Ghosh Decobuilt, Indian Aroma - Food Processing and Monte Lago at Ooty under Dwell Well Homes . He has executed many interior projects not only in Bangalore but also in various parts of India such as Mysore, Hvderabad. New Delhi, Kolkata, Durgapur Ranchi and Jamshedpur.

With his sharp and innovative thoughts, he has transformed and expanded his businesses to cater the needs of people—be it interior decoration, food processing, or exotic stay at Monte Lago, Ooty. Nanak Ghosh’s vision, integrity and simplicity of approach in making things happen has placed his business initiatives in a unique position and is well-poised to move on to the next level.